Gravity Well

Latest Software Update
Updated 2/13/2015

This page announces updates to the Gravity Well game software. Go directly to the downloads page if you want to download the software. If you do not have a login account, you will need to create a login account before you can access the downloads page.


What's new in this update? Server update only.
Server Crash Due to Asteroid Collision
Fixed. This may still cause a crash in solo play until the next client update is posted.


What's new in this update? There was actually one or two server updates since the release due to crashes that needed immediate attention. Those updates are listed here too.
Chat History
There is now a Transcript button next to the chat box that shows a transcript of all messages received during the session.
Black Hole Gravity Too Strong
Found/fixed a bug induced just before the release when I noticed that my fighter did not accelerate in free fall at the same rate as an asteroid. After the fix, I didn't think about testing take off power on large worlds. It was actually broken pretty bad.
Cities Rebuild Far Too Quickly
Cities that have been attacked within the past 90 seconds will not launch spacecraft, construct buildings, or operate their factories and mines.
Armageddon Shouldn't Be Free-For-All
Armageddon is now set up like a match scenario, with only two teams.
60FPS Framerate Cap
Added a setting to the render settings page to configure the highest frame rate you want Gravity Well to try to achieve. This is a balance between computer load and video smoothness. GPU and monitor hardware have their own frame rate limitations that are not affected by this setting; it may be pointless to set this value higher than your hardware's max frame rate.
City Capture Should Be Reported
Done. Beacons also announce when they are "reprogrammed".
Launch Vector From Ships
The launch vector from a spacecraft is now directly away from gravity. This should help prevent being fired into the planet's surface when the ship parks with an unfortunate orientation.
Docking at Merchants
Merchants docking pattern has been changed so the final entry point is not so tiny.
DS Orbit Black Hole Ack
The acknowledgement message when ordered to orbit a black hole no longer sounds like they are going to orbit a sun, but a black hole instead.
Cannot Take Off With More Than One Person Present
Space vehicles should no longer be obstacles to each other when they belong to the same empire. I suspect this was the root of the problem.
Freighters Shouldn't Switch Sides
Freighters will no longer surrender when they are in orbit over a city of their empire.
Bomber Unable to Take Off From Size 12 World
Fixed. Described above in 'Black Hole Gravity Too Strong'.
Feuding Castles Unfair
Feuding Castles scenario now creates ringworlds of equal size for each team.
Merchant Ships Run Out of Fuel
I nerfed their use of fuel. They don't need the complication of having to manage fuel.
Crashy Player List
I think this is fixed. Will test in this update.
Need On Line Players List
Added a button to the button bar to show a list of players in the current game and the team they're on.
Explored System Highlighting Broken
Solar systems explored by your empire now show their name brighter than unexplored systems.
Server Crashes
There was a spate of server crashes in the first 24 hours of being on line. They were caused by a number of problems.

1. Division by zero in ringworld code. FIXED 2/7/2015.

2. Crash processing conditions on a building, e.g. fire, acid. FIXED 2/7/2015.

3. Crash immediately following launch of a vehicle from a spacecraft. FIXED 2/7/2015.

4. Crash on new player join in Free For All or Armageddon scenario when no unexplored homeworld systems were available. FIXED 2/7/2015

I added 500 zooleks to every active account to make up for any money you might have lost due to a server crash.


What's new in this update?
Initial Post
Gravity Well 6 was posted publicly for the first time. Changes from Gravity Well V are too numerous to list here. Read the manual and play the game to see what's new.