[Suggestion] Zooleks rework

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[Suggestion] Zooleks rework

Postby Deantwo » Sun May 03, 2015 5:41 pm

I am sorry for bringing this up again, but I can't find the post of the person that suggested it last time.
Most of all just want to post this so we have a written suggestion about it.

To bring everyone up to speed on what we are talking about, read the manual page for Zooleks.
Here: http://gw.softwareengineering.com/m_zooleks.html [archive]

I have been watching a lot of Extra Credits videos lately, and the Microtransactions episode reminded me a lot of Gravity Well.

I think most of us agree that the current payment model is rather outdated and not very fun.
I am sorry Haxus but games where the person willing to pay the most money wins aren't all that fun.
I'll say that I have had fun playing Gravity Well, but I have never actually used any of the Zooleks.

I think the best payment model for the game, is simply to have it be a one-time $20-30 payment game.
And then try to get Gravity Well on to Steam as you talked about.

Preferably the best way to have Zooleks, is to have it as something you earn in-game.
Say every interval all members of an empire earn some Zooleks for each colony the empire owns.
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