Gravity Well

Gravity Well Manual
Updated 2/9/2015
Gravity Well is a fast paced live action space war game.
The object of the game is to control all of the habitable worlds in a sector.
Gravity Well is played solo or on-line multi-player.

Game Play in a Nutshell
A single game takes place in one sector of space that contains several solar systems.
Each player starts at a spaceport on a habitable world controlled by their empire.
Players operate space vehicles to travel between the worlds in their game sector.
Players claim new worlds by landing on them with a space vehicle and deploying a beacon.
Weapons are used to destroy the defense bases guarding the worlds of enemy empires.
Players capture defenseless enemy worlds by landing there and awaiting surrender by the local populace.
An empire wins when no enemy empire controls any of the habitable worlds in the sector.
An empire loses when they do not control any of the habitable worlds in the sector.

Asteroids Take Out World
Fighter Attacks Destroyer (11MB GIF)
Fighter Attacks Destroyer (1.4MB WebM)
Fighter Attacks Destroyer 2 (7MB GIF)
Fighter Attacks Destroyer 2 (.8MB WebM)
Fighter Docks With Destroyer (5.7MB GIF)
Fighter Docks With Destroyer (.5MB WebM)
Fighter Deploys Beacon on Moon (38MB GIF)
Fighter Deploys Beacon on Moon (2.4MB WebM)
Harvester Eats a Planet

Technical Information
System Requirements
Installing the Software
Removing the Software

Game Topics
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