Gravity Well

Updated 2/9/2015

Zooleks are the in game currency used to buy upgrade modules.

The equipment tab on the main screen enables you to buy modules for your vehicle and for spacecraft. A screen image of the equipment page appears at the bottom of this page.

The Account Balance button on the equipment page shows your current balance of zooleks. Press this button to get more zooleks when you need them.

When playing solo...

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How are zooleks used?

Zooleks are used when you purchase new modules for your vehicle or a spacecraft. Modules last for the life of the vehicle or spacecraft or until replaced. All modules are lost when the vehicle or spacecraft is destroyed. Modules do not carry over from one game sector to the next. The equipment page image below shows a typical assortment of modules and prices.

Modules may represent energy shields that can be depleted or ordnance that has a limited quantity. Such modules are recharged/reloaded free of charge. It does not cost zooleks to recharge shields or to get a fresh load of missiles, or to refuel or repair anything. However, it would cost zooleks to replace a missile module with a bomb module.

Not all modules are compatible with all vehicles or spacecraft. For example, energy beams and cannon ball modules cannot be installed into small vehicles, only spacecraft and buildings. The equipment page prevents you from accidentally purchasing incompatible modules.

The equipment page image shows what one might see while docked aboard a destroyer in orbit over a friendly city.

The modules listed under the destroyer are those that can be purchased from the hold of the destroyer. Destroyers automatically fill their hold with modules whenever they orbit a friendly city. Merchant ships and freighers also carry modules for sale. Stations do not sell modules but they do enable vehicles docked aboard them to purchase modules from the city on the planet orbited by the station.

The right-side column shows modules for sale at the spaceport of the city. All cities with a spaceport sell a basic set of generic modules, specifically the seven at the bottom of the list from Bullet Pi300 to Lg Missile Bl1100. Cities with a university will offer a basic shield module plus an additional selection of modules that is unique to each planet. Cities do not run out of locally produced modules.

Freighters transport modules between cities; cities sell those modules as well. Modules from freighters have a finite quantity, usually only one of each.

Tool tips on the module text give a description of the module. Module types and weapon effects are described on the modules page.

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