Gravity Well

Updated 1/21/2015

Wormholes exist near the primary star of most solar systems in Gravity Well. Wormholes interconnect solar systems in a loose branching network.

Wormholes mark the end points of a transdimensional conduit. An appropriately charged object entering the positive end of the wormhole is instantly transported through to the negative end of the wormhole. All vehicles and spacecraft in Gravity Well are equipped for wormhole travel.

Positive wormholes appear at the entrance to the wormhole conduit.
To enter the wormhole, maneuver your vehicle into the open end of the wormhole, heading toward the sun.
Click on a positive wormhole to order a ship to go through.

Negative wormholes appear at the exit of the wormhole conduit.
The wormhole is a one way conduit. Objects disintegrate when they enter a negative wormhole.
Click on a negative wormhole to order a ship to go through the corresponding positive wormhole. If no corresponding positive wormhole exists, the ship does nothing.