Gravity Well

Updated 1/21/2015

Players travel through space and attack the enemy by piloting a vehicle.

Players can change their current vehicle while dirtside at a spaceport or docked aboard a space station or destroyer. The player's current vehicle must be fully repaired before switching to another vehicle is permitted. All modules installed in the current vehicle are transferred to the new vehicle.


Highest acceleration.
Weakest armor.
Minimal weapons.
Longest fuel duration.
Rocket propulsion system.

High acceleration.
Moderate armor.
Optimized for Air-to-Air Weapons.
Poor fuel duration.
Gravity propulsion system.

Fighter Bomber
Moderate acceleration.
Heavy armor.
Compromise Between Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground Weapons.
Fair fuel duration.
Gravity propulsion system.

Low acceleration.
Heavy armor.
Optimized for Air-to-Ground Weapons.
Good fuel duration.
Gravity propulsion system.