Gravity Well

Updated 2/5/2015

Gravity Well Launcher must be installed onto your computer before you can play Gravity Well. The launcher downloads the latest files needed to play the game; it also checks for updates and keeps those files up-to-date with the latest changes. The steps to installing the launcher vary by operating system.

Linux Install

Gravity Well Launcher is distributed in a tar archive for Linux.

1. The following command extracts the Gravity Well/Launcher folder from the archive into your current folder. Your home folder is recommended. The name of the tar file varies according to your specific Linux distribution.
$ cd ~
$ tar xvfz GravityWell64ub14.tar.gz
2. The following commands will run Gravity Well.
$ cd 'Gravity Well/Launcher'
$ ./Launcher

A launcher icon is provided in the Gravity Well/Launcher folder. The file name is Launcher.png.

Windows Install

Gravity Well Launcher is distributed as an install program for Windows.
  1. Run the GravityWellInstall64.exe program. The default options will work on most computers.
  2. That's it! Gravity Well Launcher is now ready to run on your computer.