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Updated 2/6/2015

A new Gravity Well account costs $2. You get immediate access to the downloads area so you can get the latest version of Gravity Well. You also get a starting balance of 1,000 zooleks to buy powerful upgrades for your fighter when playing on-line, a $2.50 value.

Be sure to check System Requirements to see if Gravity Well will work on your computer.

Fill in the blanks below to create a new account. All fields are required. If your account is created successfully, the next page will present you with a secure option to pay $2 to activate your new account.

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An account name is needed to login to the downloads section of this web site and to play Gravity Well on-line. This is not the "screen name" of your character. The account name is never seen in the game environment. Your account name must be unique among all players; you will be asked to enter a new account name if the name you choose is already in use.

We respect your privacy. We will not disclose your e-mail address to anyone. We will not spam you but we might send you information about changes to Gravity Well.

Passwords are often forgotten. If you use this web site to request a forgotten password, it will be sent to the e-mail address entered here. Be sure your e-mail address is correct.